Food Stuffs

What's great about ghee that is pure butter fat, and oils, which control your cholesterol levels. Fundamentally, Oil & Ghee we offer are incorporated with fats, proteins, sugars and various minerals essential for the body. Aside from their delicious thickness and subtle taste, these make an exceptional cooking fat as these lack any water, and don't get spattered when utilized for pan cooking. Made with hygienic processes, our Oil & Ghee give incredible health benefits. The food products are totally safe for cooking and add taste to every special recipe of your kitchen and minimize the risk for heart disease.


Key Points:

  • Great sources of polyunsaturated fats, boost good health.
  • Appropriate for high-temperature frying with high smoke point.
  • Refined through one or more refinement processes, hygienically prepared.
  • Can be recycled by using as animal feeds or fuels.

There are many meals, which are not complete without a good dash of Sauces & Jams or other condiments. These are the essential concomitants to Swedish meatballs, pizzas, breads, parathas and many Indian snacks. Complimenting all of the hot and cold meals, from sauces to marinades, from salads to stews, from toast to roasts these are the essentials for foodies. Flooded with fresh organically grown fruits, these add a little tartness and sweetness to all your breakfast meals including chips, meat pies, toasts, pakodas etc. Our offered Sauces & Jams are fresh, luscious and have their personal nutritional values.


Key Points :

  • Delicious on toasted bread-stuffs, muffins or fresh baked breads.
  • The cluster of garden grown fruits, heated up with pectin and sugar.
  • Provide energy and lowers the blood pressure.
  • Complete the deficiency of amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Noodles And Vermicelli we offer are salubrious benefits. Made from rice or mung beans vermicelli has various health benefits and are good for people stricken with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Loaded with fibers the foodstuffs act as scavenging agents, which keep you free from infections. Those who are looking for a speedy fix for hunger would unquestionably include these items to their choices as these are easy to prepare and fast to ingest. Noodles And Vermicelli are the essential food among Chinese and have become the favorite meal among different Asian countries and some Western nations and can be stir-fried, boiled, steamed or in soup.


Key Points :

  • Occupied with fiber and proteins, utilized as the part of different diverse foods including Thai and Chinese, naturally gluten-free.
  • Calorie-thick, high in carbs, nevertheless without fat and low-level in sodium.
  • Free from extra tat and cholesterol, can take the place of snacks and main course.
  • Culinary benefits, beneficial for those who have celiac disease or have the gluten sensitivity.

We are offering Biscuits & Confectioneries, which come with numerous health benefits. Micro-nutrients (Vitamins/Minerals) play a crucial role by insuring comely functioning of cells and tissues. The doses of dietary fibers of these biscuits, assist in digestion and finer bowel movement. These also help in addressing deficiencies in adults and children. Nevertheless, these maybe ingested in moderation and under a doctor's management. Some of our Biscuits & Confectioneries can be consumed as part of your weight loss program and help you to control hunger pangs between meals, while giving health benefits such as essential vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and whole grain benefits.


Key Points:

  • Alleviates constipation, ideal snacks for a weight loss diet, give energy to the body.
  • Incorporated with nutritional values, protect cells from environmental damage.
  • Maintains the wellness of connective tissues whereas minerals like potassium, sodium and chloride work as electrolytes.
  • Assist in connection between cells essential for nerve urges and muscle contraction.

Mouthwatering Snacks are widely welcomed, particularly among the children. These give 15 percent of the regular energy intake in a standard diet. These comfort foods are richly mashed with sour cream, butter or crisply deep-fried in vegetable oil. Stuffed with phytonutrients, which are organic elements of plants these collations also promote health by adding flavonoids, carotenoids and caffeic acid to the human body. Made with potatoes and other ingredients, these may also help with heart health, digestion and blood pressure. The Snacks we offer are made with salubrious ingredients and are totally safe for children as well as adults' intake.


Key Points:

  • Allows the intake of essential nutrients, important for wound healing, immunity, and gums and teeth.
  • Provide vitamins, which are important for wound healing, immunity and teeth and gums.
  • Children can have these between their meals so as to avoid unhealthy junk food.
  • Low in calories, tasty and delicious, satisfy the hunger.

We are offering Chutneys & Pickles, which are highly delicious add tempering taste to all of the meals. This savory selection of ours combines spices, vegetable oils, vegetable etc. These items compliment all types of menus and tastes. As these relishes have vegetables or unripe fruits and are stored fresh without cooking, the amount of antioxidants present in the vegetables or unripe fruits are preserved in their original form and help in protecting the body to fight against the onsets of free radicals. With the Chutneys & Pickles, there comes a supply of pro-biotic or gut-friendly bacterias, which are health friendly bacterias and help in the digestion of food.


Key Points:

  • Improves digestion, help in reducing ulcers.
  • Have iron, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and sodium.
  • Also contains vitamins, which also include vitamin C, vitamin B-6, folate, vitamin B-12, vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin D, niacin, vitamin E and vitamin K.
  • Fresh, healthy and tasty, salt and sugar complacent along with hot spices.

In this running and rushing lifestyle, health is a factor that is often ignored. If someone is looking for an ultimate health additive, our Miscellaneous Grocery is here. The compendium is occupied with healthful chunks, salt, powder etc. These contain ingredients, which are potential enough to boost the immune. These also have energizing capacity. Made with herbs, milk, grains, every product of this range is highly health-giving. The Miscellaneous Grocery has food items, which are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and boost the athletic performance. These also reduce ulcers and different other gastrointestinal conditions.


Key Points :

  • Reduces throat irritation, cold and cough, prevent heart disease.
  • Give comfort from physical stress and strain.
  • Can replace the energy drinks to gain energy and vigor.
  • Tasty and salutary, incorporated with strong antibacterial property.

The Papads & Appalams are thin Indian wafers that can be refereed as the crackers. Generally made with dried lentils, these can be eaten roasted or fried and vary from a number of ingredients such as pulse flour, cereal flour, spice mixes, chemical mixes, soya flour, and various vegetable juices for improving both nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. The Papads & Appalams great are great accompaniment with mocktails and drinks and are widely served as the accompaniment with umpteen Indian meals. These have high sodium content and nutritional value and are made with healthy vegetable oils.


Key Points :

  • Can be enjoyed with assortment of pickles, sauces and chutneys.
  • Used for making various Gujarati subzis such as Ghatia- papad nu shaak, Methi- Papad nu shaak, etc.
  • Great appetizers and sources for digestive, helps to assimilate the fatty material from the throat and mouth.
  • Free from gluten, rich in dietary fiber and protein.

The health benefits of our Spices & Flours are almost too extended to list, since between all of the spices accessible in the world. These comprehend almost all elements of health, and have been displayed to protect the body in some way. Some of the items of collection add color or flavor to food, as the aesthetic additions, carminatives and anti-inflammatory. Wheat has natural ability to control weight in all, but specially in women. Rich in magnesium, Spices & Flours acts as the co-factor for more than 300 enzymes, reduce chronic inflammation and help the women to avoid gallstones.


Key Points :

  • Helps to increase the oxygenation and circulation of body parts, rise the immune system and improve the skin quality.
  • Increase beauty and health of the hair and skin, improve the system of nervous system function.
  • Regulate body metabolism, prevent blood-related conditions such as anemia.
  • Modulate enzymatic reactions, control blood pressure and heart, work as the immense energy sources.

Have the taste the combined profits of health, comfort and variety, only with our range of Instant Mix Ready To Cook. Our products' range covers wide range of luscious North Indian and South Indian recipes, to offer you a taste of food that taste similar to fresh home cooked food. These food items are placed in the kitchen for an authentic taste and come with variety of picks in assorted Indian cuisines. Every item of our Instant Mix Ready To Cook is natural, 100% vegetarian, preservative-free and insure the 'just-cooked' freshness directly on your plates. These are high on convenience and easy to use.


Key Points:

  • Complete pot comfort dishes, which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Quick and simple food for children, guest or diet conscious people.
  • Contains healthy ingredients, can replace junk foods.
  • Rich bequest of quality, purity and taste.

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