Our vast range of Balms & Medicines have the power to reduce inflammation, protect the immune system, soothe the skin, eliminate pain, soothe the stomach, speed healing and detoxifying the body. These work as topical ointments, moisturizers on inflamed skin areas. The range also includes syrups, which are work for curing cough, cold and skin inflammation. The creams and lotions of the range work as medicinal moisturizers and heal the skin deeply. The Balms & Medicines we offer are skin friendly and can be applied to gain relief in muscle pains, sore throats, allergies, headaches, bug bites etc.


Key Points :

  • Relieve the pain of muscles, heads without making any harmful impact on the the skin.
  • Heal the cut, injuries, bites with antibacterial properties.
  • Remove the scars and blemishes of the face part.
  • Skin friendly properties, beautify the skin making it moisturized.

We are looking for International inquiries from USA, Europe, Australia etc and Accept only Bulk Orders.

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