Food Stuffs

The Food Stuffs we deal in are the essentials in traditional Indian cooking as well as Ayurvedic medicines. These dietary sources of fat are conventionally utilized in Indian cooking and are the main tints of taste and flavor in vegetables, curries, pickles, breads, puris etc. Included with fats, the products also contain significant levels of vitamin A, B and E. These food items provide healthy diet elements to the body so as to maintain its function.

Malt Based Beverages

The Malt Based Beverages are the fermented drinks in which the main ingredient is grain or seed, of the barley plant. In India, these are also called health drinks as they are perked up with nutrition and enhance the taste of milk. Malt has always been an integral part of the diet of growing children and a nutritious supplement for the elders. These beverages contain many essential minerals, vitamins and other nutritious elements, which are salubrious for pregnant women and fetus.

Toiletries Cosmetics & Medicaments

We are dealing in Toiletries Cosmetics & Medicaments, which include the necessities and cosmetics that are luxury goods exclusively used for beautification and personal care. The oils, lotions, creams, powders etc of this range are intended to be used externally on the face, body skin, hairs or teeth. Available in liquid, powders, cream emulsions etc. the products are the significant conferrers of an individuals' comely appearance.

Incense Sticks

The Incense Sticks are the aromatic biotic materials, which emit fragrant smoke after burning. The term cites to the materials themselves, rather than to the fragrance that these produce. Used for aesthetic reasons, meditation, therapy and ceremony, the products can be also used as the simple deodorants or insect repellents. These puja items are made of fragrant plant materials, frequently combined with essential oils.

Kitchenware Utensils

We are providing Kitchenware Utensils, which are essential elements utilized in the kitchen for cooking purposes. These appliances are used to simplify the processes of preparing and serving food. Made with copper, steel and other metallic elements, the products are resistant to rust or corrosion. The utensils we offer are resistant to cracking and acidic foods and are highly durable.


We are dealing in Handicrafts And Pooja Items, which are the essential ornamentation and esthetic items used in homes and workplaces. These products have importance in rituals performed by Hindus to host, worship and honor the divinities, or to religiously celebrate an event. Made with assortment of environment friendly raw materials, these are largely demanded for every religious occasion.

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