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We are offering Hair Oil & Hair Colors, which solve the hair problems, which include hair loss, frizz, dullness, split ends, thinning and graying of hair. Oils act as the refilling agent and massaging assists in opening of hair skin pores. These facilitates blood circulation and in this way soothe and relax you. Strengthening the roots these also help in healthy hair growth. Making the hair beautiful, shiny, glossy and strong our Hair Oil & Hair Colors are favorites of ladies and gents all around the world. Made with the goodness of herbs and fragrances these hair products also give relief from the dandruff.


Key Points :

  • Make the hair, strong, shinny and healthy.
  • Regular usages can make protective layer for the hairs.
  • Protecting hairs from different environmental attacks such as dirt, pollution, ultra-violet rays, dust etc.
  • Helps to cut down the protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair.

The Creams & Lotions we deal in have skin lightening action, skin repairing action, which help in fixing the damaged skin cells by withdrawing the pernicious free radicals. These make the skin brightening, fair and moisturous.

These are the polish treatments, which are often utilized to treat sun tanning and reduce the extra pigmentation. These re-hydrate dried skin, refill extra dry or cracked spots on the skin and smooth scars. These Creams & Lotions make the skin glowing, shinny, healthy without any side effects and suit to every skin type. The effects can be seen soon with the regular usages of these products.


Key Points :

  • Treat dry skin while addressing conditions that accompany it, like itching, flaking and redness.
  • Help the skin onto be supple and healthy, have moisturizing properties.
  • Prevent cracking, chapping and chafing of skin.
  • Make the skin soft, shinny and lissome.

Talcum Powders have a nostalgic effect on everyone. These powders come in various flavors such as like lemon, rose, jasmine, menthol, lavender etc. Generally applied after a refreshing shower the main purpose of these products is to prevent chafing. These are highly useful if you exercise or run regularly in the summers so as to remove the sweating and its bad smell. With these powders the chafing on the feet and inner thighs can also be reduced. A little tint of Talcum Powders can be sprinkled on the face and body before you go for an outing.


Key Points :

  • Work like the moisturizers and soothe extra dry skin.
  • Can be to used to wipe away sand.
  • Work as the dry shampoos, can treat bedsores.
  • Removes Stains and Grease of carpets or clothes.

We are dealing in Toilet Soaps & Hand Washes of assorted brands. This is worthwhile to remember, particularly when bathing, that our skin is the body's largest body part and it is very absorbent and porous. So, to clean it with quality brands soaps is very much essential. Our products come in a assortment of bars and liquids and are totally gentle. These do not irritate normal skin and suit to all skin types. As our skin is bombarded every day with foreign causes such as drying winds, biting cold weather, scorching sun, dirt and bacterias, the use of Toilet Soaps & Hand Washes for preserving the skin health is highly indispensable.

Key Points :

  • Made from the countless modification of ingredients, do not cause skin irritation on skin.
  • Fats, animal oils and alkaline solution are the main components, which enable the procedure of saponification.
  • Helpful in cleaning and medicinal usages.
  • Come with the ability to clean the skin pores and make it fresh and soft.

Detergent Soaps & Powders are the basic necessaries for every home. The purifying molecules of these products are able to remove oil droplets, making them very helpful in cleaning oil stains from clothing. When detergent molecules and oil droplets get mixed, they make an emulsion, making them simpler to wash away from fabrics. With the main purpose of removing soil, filth and dirt from fabrics and pots these effective products are able to homogenize or emulsify grease and oil into small water dispersive particles. Friendly to the fabrics our Detergent Soaps & Powders of several brands dont fade the color of fabrics and clean them gently.


Key Points :

  • Can be used in hard water, made from alkalis, colorants, hydro-tropes, solvents etc.
  • Can be utilized in acidic medium, the purifying actions are stronger than soaps.
  • Efficiently soluble in soluble in water.
  • Used in laundry, contain enhancers such as softeners, fragrances, brighteners surfactants, enzymes, bleach and many others.

Our hairs are our head suit, so why not manage them with the most effective Shampoos & Conditioners ? Washing the hair using good hair cleansers not only keeps the scalp dandruff-free, it also fetches more advantages than we might think. In the hub-dub of our daily routine our hairs get deeply affected by dirt, wind and various other pollutants, which can make a harmful impact on them. Shampooing and conditioning of hairs are the basic needs that should not be avoided at any cost. Our offered products in this range can make hair smooth, strong, beautiful and bouncy. These maintain the scalp, keep it hydrated, eliminate dryness and raise soft strands. Shampoos & Conditioners we offer are prepared by using rich and first-rate quality ingredients.


Key Points:

  • Remove the dryness without counterbalancing with an excessively greasy scalp.
  • Helpful in calming the itching caused by dryness and dandruff.
  • Leaving the hair strands 100% flake-free.
  • Make the scalp healthy, remove oiliness and remove its redness and irritation.

We are dealing in Oral Care Products for your brushing habit, which is the primary measure for a good oral hygiene. These products contain abrasive materials, which are gentle on the tooth enamel and are strong enough to assist in removing plaque from the teeth. These also include antibacterial ingredients, which reduce the endangerment of infected gums. Removing dental microorganism plaque is significantly simpler due to the antibacterial components and abrasives incorporated in most of these products. The Oral Care Products we deal in are from different brands and can be the part of your daily routine for making the mouth healthy.


Key Points :

  • Strengthen enamel, fight tooth cavities, protection of teeth from painful sensitivity.
  • Reduce plaque, give protection from tartar build-up.
  • Help in preventing tender gums, reduce gingivitis.
  • Whitens the teeth, removes stains and bad breath.

Shaving Creams are the creams, which are applied to the face for removing the hair growth and to facilitate shaving. The use of these products attains three effects: swells keratin, lubricates the cutting activity and desensitize skin. These commonly include the emulsion of soaps, oils, surfactants and water. These products have finer hair softening qualities and permit more water to enter the hair shaft that leads to the soft hair, which make it easier to cut. The sole purpose of utilizing these Shaving Creams is to help in achieving a perfect shave. Nevertheless, in its working, these also nourish the skin as well as hair follicles.


Key Points :

  • Incorporate nutrients, which inculcate the skin with health as well as vitality.
  • Moisturize the face to make the skin nice and fresh.
  • Available in several delightful fragrances.
  • Help you in looking good with catchy fragrance.

We are offering Body Washes & Face Washes, which are made to clean and better the condition of the skin over time. Some of these contain vitamin E and different other nutrients, which are advantageous to the skin and can help in instilling water and essential oils into the skin for giving it protection from cold and hot weather. These well foaming products are widely used for neatness and simplicity of use. Unlike soaps, these are not slippery and fight with hard-to-remove residues. The removal of oil dirt and various other unwanted debris is the main purpose of these Body Washes & Face Washes.


Key Points :

  • Clean the skin covered with bacteria, viruses, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells.
  • Remove the impurities to provide the skin a fresh look, remove the body odor.
  • Reduce acne scars, maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Reduce redness as well as inflammation grounded by acne and sunburn.

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