Kitchenware Utensils

Our Stainless Steel Utensils for kitchens come with corrosion resistivity and incorporate certain amount of chromium in them. Bestowed with an aesthetic appeal, the cookwares of this range are polished with a finish that is exceptionally smooth. The brightness of these products continue the same if these are well maintained. If used in the right way, these can also resistant to scratches. Steel has superior durability and ensure hygiene standards. The Stainless Steel Utensils are simple to clean and have been made with optimal quality raw materials. The durability of these utensils are excessively high that these can last for decades.


Key Points :

  • 100% recyclable, come with good scrap value.
  • Aesthetically admirable to Indian eyes and that is why widely used in Indian kitchens and restaurants.
  • Good conductors, highly durable.
  • In comparison with Tupperware containers, these are relatively cheap.

In this modern and progressive world where we UV filters and RO purifiers are used to purify water, the concept of copper vessel drinking water might seem old-fashioned. Yet, this age-old practice documented in ancient texts of Ayurveda is now backed up by various scientific studies. We are offering Copper Utensils, which can kill the microorganisms such as molds, algae, fungi and bacterias present in the water and foodstuffs. Copper is an indispensable trace mineral, which is vital to human health and come with antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Copper Utensils are used by the people who have out-of-the-way rapid heart beats, pale skin and shortness of breath.


Key Points :

  • These effectively demolish many bacterias causing water-borne diseases.
  • Effective against the dysentery, diarrhea and jaundice, make the digestive system healthy and fight with stomach infection.
  • Aid in weight loss, promote healthy skin, boost the heart health.
  • Copper stored water enable the body's absorption of water, beat the anemia.

There is barely any delicacy that can be cooked without using oil. Nevertheless, if you begin to use risk-free Non Stick Cookwares, you can enjoy the tasty dishes without ingesting a single drop of oil. The surfaces of these cooking utensils are layered with the non-stick finishing on the base materials such as aluminium that keeps the food from jutting to the cookware while cooking it absolutely. Non Stick Cookwares have plenitude of advantages including needing less oil for a healthy and good meal as other regular cooking implements absorb a large quantity of oil and it becomes very difficult to clean them.


Key Points :

  • Prevent the food and nutrient from sticking, simple to use and clean.
  • Scratch resistant if cooked with right spoons.
  • Look stylish and voguish and compliment the modern kitchens.
  • Come with uniform heat distribution for fast cooking and save gas.

Pressure Cookers of these modish days do not discharge that high-pitched screeching noise and come with safety attributes and locking lid handles which prevent extra pressure build up and ensure safety in the kitchens. Designed to be general-purpose pressure cooking cookery utensil, these lightweight products are convenient to use in casual meal preparation. These come with control lids for usage in canning small batches of canned foods. For the efficient pressure cooking we are offering Pressure Cookers of different brands and sizes, which can effect in significant energy savings. Foods retained in these cookwares are highly nutrients and tasty.


Key Points :

  • Meals can be cooked in shortened period of time by using less liquid.
  • Come with sturdy locking, let the kitchen stay clean and cool.
  • Leave less residues, hence less cleaning is needed.
  • Can also be utilized for preserving food.

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