Incense Sticks

Dhoop batti is used as an fragrant inside or outside the room to give a pleasant smell. Our products are purely organic and 100% safe to use. We offer dhoop batti in various fragrances and at cost effective price.

We are dealing in Incense Sticks, the origin of which comes from decade ago. Majorly, these fragrant sticks named for their religious usage in varying from Hinduism to Buddhism. The products are capable to repel and attract energies and assist in meditation. The fragrances of these products differ from musk, citrus, sweet, lime and fruity. Accessible in various fragrances such as rose, kewda, mogra, jasmine, sandal wood etc, the magic of of these products helps to link multitude of feelings, which can be creative, therapeutic or sacred etc. Spiritual healing of these Incense Sticks fight with negative energies and clean the discarded energies of rooms. The different fragrances are related to various facets of life and energy.

Key Points :

  • Purify the atmosphere, can be used in religious and funeral ceremonies.
  • Believed to set the surrounding scented and assists in meditation, can be utilized for medicinal therapy.
  • Certain perfumes draw specific characteristics of God, which is considered to make inner consciousness.
  • Freshen up the room and hide odors, freshen up body, mind and soul.

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