One of the topmost Moroccan furniture units that we can use is Bajot table. It is a decorative table, which can be utilized for stacking items on the top and can even be used as a coffee or tea table. The reason behind this is its small height. The legs of the table are made with small lengths, which seize on close to half the its height. Additionally, the legs are thicker on the bottom parts. These tare designed with a couple of etched materials close to the top portion of the furniture. This Moroccan furniture named as Bajot come in assortment of choices made of metals and wood.


Key Points :

  • Simple for an artisan to carve various patterns and art designs on the furniture sides.
  • Good pick for furniture, which is ornamental and awesome to see.
  • Highly functional for stocking items on its top.
  • Can be used for pooja purposes.

We are dealing in Dry Fruit Boxes, which are decoratively made with best quality raw materials. These products can be beautiful gift ideals for the birthdays and anniversaries of your dear ones. Designed by proficient artisans with outstanding quality of material, these are aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of calmness and positive energy to the room with its lustrous appearance. These are ideal for homes and workplaces and are hand carved in long-lasting wood and metal adorned sheets. Adorned with beautiful sculptures and carving in the interiors and exteriors our Dry Fruit Boxes are purely hygienic and do not affect the hygiene of the foodstuffs stored in them.


Key Points :

  • Make the small royal pieces for the dressing tables of homes.
  • The perfect organizers for the home decor that can also be utilized as the gift boxes.
  • Carved with metal enhancers, internally divided into various compartments.
  • Have flaw lees and glossy finish, available in assorted patterns.

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